Thursday, September 28, 2006

More on journalism

A bit of nostalgia here, and regret:

In the New York Times, a wonderful description of a reunion of staffers of the late, lamented NY Herald Tribune: Remembering the Death, but Mostly the Life, of a Storied Newspaper, with wonderful photos of Tom Wolfe, Jimmy Breslin, and James Bellows, among others.

And, an upbraiding for a (once?) great political columnist: Attytood's Will Bunch writes an open letter to David Broder, Why I'm mad. Broder, who's derided bloggers, gets a talking-to:
...your cynicism is degenerative disease, and it leads to paralysis. You were the dean overseeing the Great Game of American politics, and then some bad guys came along and changed all the rules, and you tried so very hard not to notice. Now that the unlawful nature of this presidency is becoming recognized by a majority, you are praying for a deus ex machina, this fictional “independence party” that will not just save America but most importantly save you, save you from having to make a choice.
It’s too late for that now, Mr. Broder. I do not blame you; I did not want to make this choice either; it chose me. I would have been much happier, frankly, spending my 40s the way that you spent your 40s, fighting for a Pulitzer Prize instead of fighting to preserve the basics of a democracy and a free press, the things that you and I and America were able to take for granted for so long.


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