Friday, September 22, 2006

One Web

Today is OneWebDay, dedicated to celebrating the things we can do today that were unthinkable ten years ago, thanks to the World Wide Web. The site has a blog where people are describing how it's changed their lives. Well. Who hasn't it changed?

Doc Searls takes the day to try something new, posting links to his online photo galleries. Of all the things that the Web has changed, one of the most wonderful is the ability to post our photos. It's overwhelming sometimes to see how many choices you have when deciding how to post photos, or where to go to look at them if you just want to browse.

I remember seeing digital photos online for the first time, and it was mindblowing. Especially when people began to try taking photos with digital cameras and posting them right away. How long ago was that? I'm thinking the Web had been around quite awhile before that happened. The photos, at first, were pretty low resolution too. How things have changed. As Doc says, thanks to those pioneers "for making a big world-wide open photo marketplace where we're all producers and no longer just consumers."


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