Thursday, September 21, 2006

A blog worth reading at

Well, there may be a few. But there's a new one that's certainly worth reading, by the Herald's iconoclastic TV critic, Glenn Garvin: Changing Channels.

I don't always agree with Garvin, but certainly enjoy his writing. I especially like his first post, entitled Rush Limbaugh. Katie Couric. Sex. Says Garvin:
...the ugly truth is that I just put all that stuff in the title because they told me to use specific, popular terms that would turn up in search engines.
...(this is) yet another attempt by the mainstream media to crush and devour all possible alternatives and force you to read us, us, nothing but us. We know there are lots of other places besides the Miami Herald where you could read about television. Don't do it. They're all liars, frauds, charlatans and swine.**

How long since you read a blog posting about the real purpose of the blog?


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