Friday, September 08, 2006

South Florida journalistic uproar

The Miami Herald's Oscar Corral did a FOIA request for people paid by Radio/TV Marti, and found that several South Florida journalists were paid by the government agency to act as panelists or commentators. Two El Nuevo Herald journalists were let go for not revealing the connection to their employer; the others are freelancers or work for other organizations. The journalists' responses to the story.
This will have some ramifications: Daily Pulp comments, and focuses on Diario las Americas/local PBS host Helen Aguirre Ferre. Stuck on the Palmetto gets to the point of this story:
But even if the money didn't have that effect, the appearance of such influence runs totally contradictory to our idea of a free and independent press. A press that, ironically enough, is characterized by many conservatives as being extremely liberal.

Florida Masochist also discusses the story.

Interestingly, Babalu Blog hasn't discussed this story yet, because they're focused on the story of ABC 'caving in to the Clinton apologists' on the 9/11 miniseries. Says Babalu:
That said, here is a list of things I NEVER want to hear come out of the mouth of liberal scumbags ever again:
* Conservatives stifle dissent.
* Conservatives don't respect the First Amendment.

Et cetera.
Meanwhile, Mustang Bobby reminds us it's only a movie, and comments:
I wouldn't mind ignoring the film altogether and dismissing this whole flap by saying it's only a movie were it not for the fact that in 2003 the righties went spittle-flecked apopletic when CBS dared to plan to present a docudrama about The Reagans and didn't present the late president and his wife with a heavenly glow around them in every scene.


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