Saturday, September 16, 2006

Weekend update: More research links from the week

This was a busy week with work so I didn't get to post much (not that I found much to post, either).
The links collection is small this week, too, so not categorized:

  • NFL Team Valuations , from Forbes. Part of the "Business of Football" link from last week.
  • Criminal Victimization, 2005, latest stats from BJS.
  • Big-City Wireless Use Study from Verizon, ranks Miami #1 in cell phone use.
  • Campaign Network, new politics site from C-Span and CQ.
  • Northern Light: the journal search engine hasn't really gone away, now offers a free business search and several Market Intelligence Centers, for example: Telecom. Searches are free but most articles require subscription to read ($4.95 day pass available).
  • The Net Democracy Guide, help with political and activist campaigns from Center for Democracy and Technology.
  • Orange County, CA Civil Court search.
  • The Royal Society Archive of scientific study is now online, with free access to over 60,000 journal articles going back to 1665. Free until December.
  •, now with current info and polls on this fall's races.
  • ARDA Assn of Relgious Data Archives. Lots of stats on denominations, surveys, etc.; includes Religious Survey Quickstats. Link to Data Archive.
  • Election Results Archive, from Center on Democratic Performance at Binghamton.


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