Thursday, September 21, 2006

The Radio Marti/El Herald story continues

News on the fallout from Oscar Corral's Miami Herald story:

In CJR Daily, a column by Paul McLeary, When all Things are not Equal, discussing the oft-brought up question of why it's been OK for journalists to appear on Voice of America but not Radio Martí:'s crucial to separate the overtly political and propagandistic commentary of Marti from the content of the (VoA's) Issues in the News program.

McLeary does say, however, that there are some concerns over VoA's independence under the Broadcasting Board of Governors' chief Kenneth Tomlinson...

At La Nueva Cuba, an open letter to the management of McClatchy and The Miami Herald. It includes link to a new blog, Apoyo a periodistas de el nuevo herald which is collecting signatures to the accompanying petition. Over 300 signatures so far, including some El Nuevo Herald staffers.
Reminds me of the petition supporting Jim Defede last year.


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