Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Some good things

J-Lab announces that Global Voices Online is the winner of the James Batten Award for innovations in journalism.
Global Voices, via the Berkman School at Harvard, is a window into what people are talking about around the world. It gives access to voices that Americans don't always hear, and that's why I have a link to it in the siderail.

InfoPlease Distance Calculator is a calculator for the U.S. only, but includes all U.S. geographic names so can use a marker like a lake, dam, school, etc. and also includes distance in kilometers and nautical miles. For international distances, or for distances calculated from latitude/longitude, the old standard is How Far is It? from

Good sites for finding story ideas from Al Tompkins, who posts these while he takes a couple days off from the 'Morning Meeting' column. This is a slightly different list from the sites that I use to check for new stuff daily, and some good ones here.

Airport Wireless Internet Access Guide from Travelpost. Nice to see that some airports or airlines offer free access. Miami and Atlanta, for two, don't, according to this.


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