Thursday, September 28, 2006

Coverage in Cuba and locally, Defede and a puzzle

It's been a busy week again and although I've had some time to browse I'm just not finding much I feel like posting. Two things, though, so far this week:

In American Journalism Review, Cuba Countdown, by Lori Robertson. Tales of the press and the Castro story, and how American journalists try to get access to news in Cuba.
Miami Herald reporters, veterans of working in Cuba without the journalist visas they're regularly denied, were still contributing to stories in late August.
Bienvenida a Cuba.
For decades, journalists have been trying to cover a country, whether from somewhere on the island or from afar, that is as frustrating an assignment as they come. It's tough to get in, to get an interview, to get "it" – an entire country filled with people wary of talking to anyone about how they really feel.

The API's new report, NewspaperNext, is now online. According to the USA Today story linked at Romenesko, it suggests newspapers get even more local:
newspapers might assemble databases about parks, medical facilities and restaurants, information about schools, consumer-supplied ratings for restaurants, mechanics and contractors, as well as chat groups for parents and shoppers.

Great Chuck Strouse/Miami New Times interview with former Miami Herald columnist Jim Defede, who has several new gigs going in radio, TV and print: Megamedia Mangler.

Anyone seen this before? I noticed a couple of new tabs on my browser connected to 'E-Zanga' search results. Never heard of this, and discovered that when I leave the ARJ story on my screen, it automatically jumps to E-Zanga, searching 'Christianity'. Another AJR link did the same thing, searching 'holland america cruise line'. Is this some new spyware/scumware? I can't keep the AJR pages displayed.

The other AJR story I thought worth looking at is on the new McClatchy Washington Bureau, but I couldn't keep it on the screen long enough to copy the URL.


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