Thursday, October 31, 2002

Boo! (Now THIS is scary......):

(CEO masks available at
It's a Good Thing.

Researchers to the rescue:
Gary Price has created a compilation of links for election day, including several online election guides.
Poynter's David Sheddon has prepared a list of resources for Halloween.

Wednesday, October 30, 2002

News backgrounder:
I've seen several links recently to Footnote TV, the site which backgrounds issues brought up in episodes of recent popular TV series like The Sopranos and The West Wing; but what I find even more interesting is the website behind it, Newsaic. This site, by journalist and attorney Stephen Lee, is an ambitious attempt to explain the news. All info is well-documented and footnoted; topics include important court cases, international crises, smallpox, etc. A fascinating site for news junkies or students.

For more on Haiti:
The Haitian Embassy in Washington now provides current materials from the Haitian government, as well as a good collections of links on Haiti.
The refugee landing in Miami is also covered on Yahoo! Full Coverage.

Maybe this would work:
The Herald's editorial cartoonist Jim Morin comes up with a perfect solution to the Iraq crisis.....

Tuesday, October 29, 2002

How do you pronounce 'aunt'?
Take the Dialect survey, or just view maps of responses. This is interesting, but seems the answers would have been clearer a generation ago.....(from Boing Boing).

A bizarre scene in Biscayne Bay this afternoon:
...As a boatload of Haitians jumps into the Bay and wades ashore on Rickenbacker Causeway....

Monday, October 28, 2002

Will Herald reporters be able to cover Cuba now?
Miami Herald executive editor Tom Fiedler writes about his trip to Cuba with ASNE (on Poynter website). Herald reporters haven't been allowed in Cuba for years. Is this a new era?

So there was a South Florida connection after all....
The Herald's Marika Lynch reports on John Allen Muhammad's doings in Trinidad, and immigration problems at Miami International Airport...

In other news, there's a new layout at Derek Willis' The Scoop, including a database of past links by categories. Links under Journalism and Data lead to great stories and projects from papers nationwide.

The St. Paul Pioneer Press is doing a weblog on the death of Sen. Paul Wellstone.
And just for fun...The Greasy Spoon Cafe is a glimpse of life in the ' England. Have a cup of tea with eggs and chips?

Saturday, October 26, 2002

The weekly update:
It was a wild week for news. Researchers at the Washington Post, Baltimore Sun, Seattle papers must have been busy trying to find background. The Minnesota papers dealing with the Wellstone crash. And the terrible events in Moscow. For awhile it's nice not to have any news in Florida, aside from the short residence of Lee Malvo and the gubernatorial campaign.
Great work has been done on John Allen Muhammad and Malvo. Amazing how much has been found, and that much of it was already available on Smoking Gun by yesterday. Findlaw has also been posting documents. What a great service these websites provide. Knight Ridder has been pulling stories and backgrounders together on a sniper page running on all the Real Cities sites, and it adds the Camden angle from Philadelphia. Coverage from the New York Times, Washington Post, of course, has been extraordinary.

And the useful links:
  • National Women's Health Information Center
  • New York Public Library picture collection over 30,000 public domain images, mostly from before 1923.
  • Atlas of Canada redesigned.
  • "your source for anything baseball".
  • Editor and Publisher Yearbook the book is now online; subscription available for $695 annually. You can search for daily or weekly newspapers, search by lots of variations like newspaper name, number of employees, etc.
  • Iraq Country analysis brief from DoE. Energy stats.
  • No Child Left Behind: a desktop reference 181-page document in PDF or Word.
  • The American Presidency Project has links to Public Papers, historical research, speech texts and more. From UCSB.
  • Urkuklink links for Iraq: government, etc.
  • Locate government services near you this service from FirstGov finds apartment locators, driver license bureaus, nursing homes, lots more nationwide.
  • Blue Chip Investors: Top 100 donors to political campaigns back to 1988. Number one: American Fedn of State, County & Municipal Employees. From
  • Parliament Live video coverage of Houses of Lords and Commons, and committees.
  • Elena Mederos Foundation human rights and Cuba.
  • Net for Cuba resource guide to Cuba, including lists of government officials, news and links.
  • Cuba Facts "promotes new perspectives on Cuba by portraying the human dimension of the Cuban reality."
  • Cuba Encuentro en la red "diario independente de asuntos cubanos."
  • The 1880 Census search for names. Also has the British Census of 1881, and the Canadian Census of 1881.
  • The Legacy of Harry T. Moore background for PBS profile of the Florida civil rights martyr.
  • Sunshine Coalition listserv: sign up for this list which will discuss public access and public records in Florida.
  • Sunshine Coalition webpage.
  • Sayfie Review a sort of Drudge Report for Florida politics. Links to today's news from all the papers; you can also get the updates by email.
  • Property market profile get data by metro area on apartments, office, retail and industrial properties. Last quarter sales, vacancy rates, etc.
  • Learn the Internet this site, from AARP, has a Basic Browsing Tutorial.
    Public Records: no links this week.

  • Friday, October 25, 2002

    Today's news:
  • Arts and Letters Daily is now back. The site, which scours the Web and makes links to interesting stories/reviews, is now published by Chronicle of Higher Education.
  • Legal documents related to sniper case: John Allen Muhammad and Lee Malvo from Smoking Gun, including INS document on Malvo.

  • Thursday, October 24, 2002

    A new journalism site:, just launched after a merger of sites from Project for Excellence in Journalism and Committee of Concerned Journalists. The site has journalism news, links to job sites and j-schools, media links and studies.

    A fascinating listen:
    Howard Rheingold was on the Diane Rehm show this morning. Archive will be available at Diane Rehm show website. This one is definitely worth listening to.

    Back to normal?
    I tried re-posting just now and both posts from yesterday are now there, along with the archive pages. Hope that's the end of that....(well, not quite, as now only two of the archive pages are there. I'd say Blogger is having some problems....thankfully I saved all the archives to my home computer last weekend so I could restore -somewhere- someday.)

    Wednesday, October 23, 2002

    Oh oh....
    So the last post never appeared on the page and several weeks of the archive are missing. Are these temporary Blogger errors, or permanent?

    Trying to keep Government in the Sunshine shining....
    The Florida Sunshine Coalition is fighting for a proposed constitutional amendment that will stop the continual stream of exemptions which have been eroding the original 1992 Sunshine Amendment which guaranteed access to public records for all Floridians. The Coalition, with help from the Brechner Center, First Amendment Foundation, and other groups, has information about freedom of information in Florida, editorials, and a Sunshine Coalition Listserv. Sign up!

    Relive the Missile Crisis:
    The Washington Post has put digital copies of its 1962 editions covering the crisis online. Daily coverage from the new digital archive will continue for eight days at The Cuban Missile Crisis.

    More on Google cooking:
    Remember the hint from a blogger that suggested putting ingredients into Google and seeing what recipes come up? Tara Calashain has written a little Google program that makes it easier, since it only searches known recipe collections. Try it at Cookin' with Google.

    For even more cooking fun, Tara pointed to Cooks Muse recently, and it's a great idea. For cooks like me who use recipes just as a starting point, you can choose a type of food, say fish filets, and get lots of great hints on
    different cooking methods and ingredients, without exact measurements/directions. Like: "FISH TACOS -- Fry pieces of scrod or any firm white fish fillets, dredged in seasoned flour. Fill prepared tacos with fish topped with a cabbage salsa: Grated cabbage, chopped tomatoes, minced jalapeno, minced onion, lime juice and olive oil." or "ORANGE SAUCE -- Sautéed onion, fish stock, dry white wine, orange slices, capers, black peppercorns and heavy cream or creme fraiche. Good over grilled or poached fillets."

    Tuesday, October 22, 2002

    Will it be Jeb again?:
    For coverage of the Florida gubernatorial campaign (and other races) , here are links to Election 2002 sites from the major newspapers in Florida: Miami Herald; St. Pete Times; Tamba Trib; Sun Sentinel (local candidate profiles only); Palm Beach Post; Orlando Sentinel; Tallahassee Democrat.

    To report or not to report:
    Florida Today reports that the sniper victim from the Ashland restaurant shooting is from Melbourne FL, but they have decided not to report his name. They've posted a poll asking for reaction to the decision. This will be interesting....

    The other side of Iraq...
    Yahoo! picks Iraq Journal, reports from Iraq "coordinated by independent journalist Jeremy Scahill" and put together by staff at community radio station WORT in Madison, Wisc. Links include news, audio and video, and links to sites with alternative views of Iraq. Reports are filed from Baghdad by Jeremy Scahill and Jacquie Soohen.

    Monday, October 21, 2002

    News from the front:
    The Richmond Times-Dispatch becomes a paper of record in the sniper story...

    Good Bali bombing links from Guardian Weblog, and, of course, Yahoo! Full Coverage. Also: Sydney Morning Herald, The Age, New York Times.

    How to be an expert on search engines:
    One way is to read everything you can by Gary Price, who's got a new article in Searcher magazine, Specialized Search Engine FAQs: More Questions, Answers and Issues . This is chock full of links to search engines for news, images, audio, etc., and explaines the specialized searches available within popular search engines like Google and Alta Vista.

    More on Florida politics:
    The Herald's Bea Garcia (Technology Chatroom) says "politicos and news junkies have been flocking to" The Sayfie Review, which looks like a Drudge Report on Florida politics, compiling links to news stories, editorials, and media. Among today's links, a notice that the Review will hold a live discussion during Tuesday's Bush-McBride debate....

    Sunday, October 20, 2002

    On the 1962 missile crisis, and Cuba coverage:
    The Miami Herald's Don Bohning, long-time Caribbean correspondent now retired, was at the conference held in Cuba last week.
    "In retrospect, said Castro at one point during the conference, Cuba would ''rather have been invaded by the Americans than accept the missiles'' and the humiliation that resulted from their sudden withdrawal."
    Bohning also writes about covering the Grenada invasion.
    And Herald editor Tom Fiedler writes on the ASNE conference in Cuba.

    Not the stupidest state?
    Dave Barry is indignant that Florida came in only 47th. Folks at Morgan Quitno Press, watch out!

    Saturday, October 19, 2002

    Roadside still life:
    Roadside, US 221, near Grandfather Mountain NC
    Along U.S. 221 in NC...

    The weekly update:
    There weren't a lot of new links showing up this week; coverage of the sniper and Iraq of course dominates all. I posted a few links for sniper coverage earlier and here they are again all together. (Best Iraq links remain at last week's post).
  • Sniper coverage from the New York Times
  • a new commemorative site.
  • sniper links page from the Snipercraft site...
  • The Washington Post coverage
  • Yahoo! Full Coverage has lots of news links, especially to local newspapers
  • BATF

    Interesting stories/Weblogs:
  • Poynter article on PDF newspaper editions online focuses on Akron Beacon Journal and its nice page design.
  • Medialog new weblog by Dan Kennedy in Boston Phoenix.

    And the useful links:
  • U.S. Highways info including historical on federal highways nationwide.
  • Tripnet: the road information program has data about road congestion, construction, etc.
  • Baseball Index a bibliographic index to the literature.
  • links to official sites of racing teams in many circuits (cars only).
  • El Sentinel the Sun-Sentinel's new spanish language project.
  • Web Sites to find statistics online nice links page.
  • Comprehensive sprawl study ranks metros: West Palm Beach comes in third in overall sprawl in nation. (Press release; actual study here.) From Smart Growth America.
  • The Virtual Trail political journalism on the Internet, a report from Pew Trusts.
  • Census of State and Local Law Enforcement Agencies, 2000 from Bureau of Justice Statistics.
  • Some changes in Find-a-grave site: besides finding graves of celebrities, you can now search for info on anyone's grave.
  • Baseball player salary database from USA Today.
  • ASNE trip to Cuba coverage from Poynter.
  • Miami-Dade County facts statistics from 2000 Census (including Census Tracts and other maps!)
  • Florida A-Z directory find anything you want to know from state government.
  • site highlights news reports on the state's problems. Compiled by state employees. Includes a link to, a satirical site, and a site on his brother called All Hat No Cattle.
    Business, Public Records, Tools: no links this week.

  • Friday, October 18, 2002

    Memorializing the Cuban Missile Crisis:
    An old missile site in the Everglades may someday be a museum, if they can just round up one of those old Nike missiles....
    Carter, CEO/president of NCI Associates, which trains public-safety employees, described the base's early days to a recent conference of the United States Army Center for Military History:
    ``While enduring mosquitoes, heat, humidity [and] sudden rainstorms, these soldiers lived in tents . . . Their six-man squad tents did not even have walls or floors [and they] lived among diamondback rattlesnakes and the deadly poisonous coral snake.''
    During the rainy season, ''the missiles often sank into the Glades muck,'' Carter wrote.

    Fascinating story from The Miami Herald's Ellie Brecher.

    Journalist movements:
    A request to newslib-l asking for any sites that might list journalist resignations/promotions/transfers got an answer from the all-knowing Gary Price listing these:
  • news about media/journalists.
  • MediaMap's MediaWatch weekly news update on job changes in the industry.
  • O'Dwyer's PR Daily: Media News

  • Thursday, October 17, 2002

    More sniper links:
    The New York Times has assembled a page of coverage at Also, is a page devoted to victims.

    Wednesday, October 16, 2002

    Art of the Dance:
    IDO3 recommends this site as a relief from stress of the news: Legato, lovely animated dance/music piece. Move the cursor to make the figures dance together.....

    On Florida politics:
    Whose Florida? is a site compiled by "government workers who reside in Florida and know how cutting government services will hurt the people of Florida". It collects links to news stories, has forums on political issues. See the JEB pages for their take on the Gov. Also see the link to Jeb02 which is definitely not a Bush for reelection site.....

    Tuesday, October 15, 2002

    More on the Cuban Missile Crisis:
    From the JFK Library, The World On the Brink: John F. Kennedy and the Cuban Missile Crisis . (Prominent on the page: a silver calendar with the crisis dates highlighted, given to Jacqueline Kennedy from JFK. Apparently several close associates got one of these calendars. How much does the White House spend on souvenir trinkets like this? I remember once seeing expensive framed certificates given to people who traveled on Air Force One...the recipient had dozens....)

    Monday, October 14, 2002

    Red sumac:
    Means fall will be arriving soon in Cornwall, from Charles Winpenny at Cornwallcam. (Note, photos are posted for three days so this photo replaces a bracken photo I posted on Monday.)

    Saturday, October 12, 2002

    The kitten band is back....
    Playing at a country pub or playing punk music, or as Vikings. Even more fun animations at the source, In the first manifestations the kittens played calypso on a Caribbean island. They've expanded. The pub animation showed up at 10th in Daypop rankings today...

    Two more things:
    Two weeks ago, riding around the back roads of Western North Carolina, I came across a wonderful radio station, playing real mountain music with other great bits of world music interspersed. WNCW, in Spindale NC has a web broadcast, been listening to it now for a couple hours. The mountain music show, Across the Mountain, runs from 11-6 on Saturdays. The music the rest of the week is great, too. (The photo? Mayberry Trading Post, Meadows of Dan VA. Nearby, the first Floyd World Music Festival was held two weeks ago, speaking of mountain/world music.)
    I've clicked on links to Craig's Booknotes a couple of times this week, and he's had some remarkable comments/links. The Guardian article by Simon Tisdall, Voice of America, is worth a read.

    The weekly update:
    The update is bigger than usual because it includes resources from three weeks' worth of surfing. Back to normal next week. I'm repeating some things I've already posted here hoping some readers find it useful to get them all together:

    Big stories happening this week, so here are some resources to help with them:

    Everybody's marking the Cuba missile crisis 40th:
    Cuban government (Granma/Cubaweb); Sky News; BBC; Yahoo! Full Coverage, Google news links to other stories. Ike Seamans (NBC6); Sun Sentinel

    Sniper links:
    I expect someone will build a good links package soon, but meanwhile a useful site may be this sniper links page from the Snipercraft site...
    Of course The Washington Post coverage is a first stop....
    Yahoo! Full Coverage has lots of news links, especially to local newspapers, but hasn't added many other links yet...
    BATF (no specific info yet).

    War on Iraq and Terrorism:
  • Iraq War Debate 2002 good links from U. Mich's Government Documents site.
  • Iraq links from Librarians' Index to the Internet.
  • War on Iraq: Resources from Eastern Carolina University library.
  • Afghanpedia
  • Iraq Watch links to news, analysis from Z Magazine, a pro-Iraq site.
  • Iraq Special Collection from Monterey Institute of International Studies.
  • Iraq's weapons of mass destruction programs new report from CIA.
  • Iraq's Weapons of Mass Destruction - The assessment
    of the British Government

    Interesting stories/Weblogs:
  • Anthrax: a year later 2-part series from Newsday.
  • News reader software can do your web surfing for you: article in San Jose Mercury.
  • Arts and Letters Daily is no more. It was a very nice news service. There are others by the same editors still available: Science, Business, and a Philosophy site which is quite similar to the lost site, links here....
  • The truth about "big brother" databases: article in Search Engine Watch on public records searching, includes links to other articles.

    And the useful links:
  • TV Acres facts about TV programs, including a searchable database.
  • InfoNatura: Birds and animals of Latin America.
  • links to spoken word sites.
  • Vegetable Information from the Vegetable Research and Information Center at UC.
  • NASA Earth Observatory: Natural hazards: satellite imagery of hurricanes, fires, floods, etc.
  • NTSB accident records now go back to 1962. This is press release.
  • Super Searchers' Web links from the books compiled by Information Today editors, favorite links of super searchers in many fields.
  • Voices from the archives from the BBC. Listen to interviews.
  • Sources of information on transportation; a bibliography compiled by members of SLA's transportation division.
  • American sheet music, 1920-1860 from Library of Congress.
  • Library of Congress Map collections 1500-2002
  • search for answers to questions on weather, climate, or email a NOAA researcher.
  • Coral Reef Information System from NOAA.
  • Wall St. Journal's Executive Library: very much like CEOExpress, a nice reference directory for executives. Has links to news sources, markets, buzz, lots more.
  • Country by country postal addressing guides from International Postal Union.
  • Special Issues: the List of Lists the compilation by Gary Price has moved to this new address and is being updated. This useful resource finds online lists in many different categories.
  • World Factbook 2002 now available.
  • CBC Archives news clips going back 60 years.
  • Colorado Springs Gazette: PDF newspaper another newspaper provides actual newspaper images using Olive's software. Subscription is free for now.
  • Vanderbilt updates the TV news archive this InfoToday article describes the database, accessible here (now requires registration). Also mentioned in the article: TV Archive resources links on TV news with focus on Sept. 11.
  • Online Newshour video search search for and view videos from the PBS news show.
  • Google News is now showing up in the new format, with top stories: links to best stories on the news.
  • Gebbie Press Directory includes listings worldwide for Newspapers, magazines, TV, radio, news syndicates and bureaus. The site's been around for awhile but has been updated.
  • Trade/Business magazine directory from American Business Media.
  • 100000 Watts a radio and TV directory and news site, includes listings.
  • More links to media directories in the US, Canada and the UK, from Gary Price.
  • Census UK 2001 press release with stats. London population.
  • Measuring up Higher Education state by state report cards for 2002. From National Center for Public Policy and Higher Education.
  • "The Older Foreign-Born Population in the United States: 2000" from Census.
  • USA Today: Census 2000 nicely designed site with data on states, nation.
  • Public School District search with updated data on districts from Natl Center for Education Stats, DoEd.
  • Americans and the World the public opinion website maintained by Program on International Policy Attitudes has new survey data on Americans' feelings on the Iraq situation.
  • American Lung Assn: SLATI (State Legislated Actions on Tobacco Issues) is "the only up-to-date guide to all tobacco control laws in the 50 states and the District of Columbia."
  • Political Moneyline (FECinfo, has updated their page to a new, cleaner format. Here's an interesting thing USA Today compiled to use this data with: List of Augusta National Golf Club members .
    Public Records
  • Section 527 Disclosure from Grantsmart, search for filings of political organizations (foundations not yet available). What is section 527?
  • New on Nexis: The Nationwide Directory of Medical Licenses contains medical license information (MDs and DOs) from all U.S. states. Also: Lexis-Nexis Municipal Codes publishes municipal codes for some areas that may not be covered by Municipal Code Service. In Florida, though, the Lexis Nexis codes only include Largo and Longboat Key.
  • Burke's Peerage and Gentry search is free but must register to get records, minimum $25 for 24 hours....
  • The 1891 England Census is now available at (subscription site).
  • Seat Guru find a better seat on major airlines.
  • Payphone project search a database of over 500,000 payphones worldwide.
  • Flight Route calculator from, this can calculate distance between two airports and estimate flight time.
  • Search Engine Showdown redesigned, with reviews of new search engines like Gigablast, and news in the search engine world.
  • "the online network of freedom of information advocates".
  • GlobalBeat: Resources for the Global Journalist from the Center for War, Peace and the news media at NYU. Icludes links to experts sources.
  • Corporate America in trouble: a Webliography from OCLC PAIS, Public Affairs Information Service.
    Florida: no links this week.

  • Friday, October 11, 2002

    Another Mark Fiore cartoon on Saddam...

    News site Weblogs:

    Nathan Ashby-Kuhlman has observations and comments about Web design and accessibility at
    Adrian Holovaty does the same at
    (links from j-log.)

    Sniper links:
    I expect someone will build a good links package soon, but meanwhile a useful site may be this sniper links page from the Snipercraft site...
    Of course The Washington Post coverage is a first stop....
    Yahoo! Full Coverage has lots of news links, especially to local newspapers, but hasn't added many other links yet...

    Random thoughts:
    Is it just me, or is it just a Miami thing? The last week or so it seems like there are an unusual number of cars traveling at 53 mph on the highways. Has there been a speeding crackdown I don't know about? Is everyone suddenly getting careful? Is this happening other places?
    Some links:
    Jimmy Carter PBS page for upcoming "American Experience" special.
    Iraq War Debate 2002 good links from U. Mich's Government Documents site.

    Thursday, October 10, 2002

    More on Iraq:
    Librarians' Index to the Internet has posted a nice set of links for Information on Iraq.
    Note that one of these links pages, on the Journalists' Toolbox, was contributed by The Pittsburgh Post Gazette's Tim Rozgonyi.

    Wednesday, October 09, 2002

    A new journalist Weblog:
    Channel Surfing, by Hank Kalet, managing editor of
    South Brunswick (NJ) Post. (via Subterranean Homepage News).

    ....And some amazing pictures:
    Havana, 1959: photos by Magnum photog Burt Glinn. (via Ye Olde Phart.)

    Just a nice picture:
    This photo illustrates a story about Turkey and the EU on the Radio Netherlands site:

    A couple interesting links from JD:

    A new blog, Hypergene Media Blog, opines on search engines and news sites, with interesting stuff. Check out the links to info on the new Sidekick net/phone/email appliance....

    NYT blogs: NYTimes: latest headlines a weblogger (Aaron Swartz) has found a way to post the stories in a neat list. Or try this one in Radio.

    Why we must go to war?:

    Yeah, this makes it clear...from Mark Fiore.

    On this topic, resources from the library at Eastern Carolina University: The War on Terrorism: Saddam Hussain and Iraq.

    Monday, October 07, 2002

    Catching up on links:

    I've only started going through what's been posted in the last two weeks on other sites, but some things worth noting now:
    Al Tomkins noted a couple good sites for hurricane coverage, including the Hurricane story ideas page from NOAA, and CBS News disaster links, which he calls "the granddaddy of all disaster sites".
    For fun, Al linked to the Cyber Cigarette Break, where you can have a smoke without leaving your desk.
    Gary Price linked to lots of great media directories last week, including Gebbie Press Directory: includes listings worldwide for Newspapers, magazines, TV, radio, news syndicates and bureaus. The site's been around for awhile but has been updated. Also: Trade/Business magazine directory from American Business Media; 100000 Watts a radio and TV directory and news site, includes listings. More links to media directories in the US, Canada and the UK, from Gary.

    Of course, one of the most interesting things to happen in last couple weeks is the new Google News. I'm a big fan of current news aggregators/search engines and think this may become one of my favorites....

    More beautiful scenery:
    The light was spectacular in England's Lake District yesterday. Hurry and look at the photos on Tony Richards' Lakelandcam page before they're replaced by today's pictures. Absolutely stunning.
    Later: today's photos are pretty nice, too, but you can still access some of Sunday's photos on the Best of the Week page.

    Sunday, October 06, 2002

    Enjoyed the scenery
    Back refreshed. Haven't touched a computer in two weeks, so it'll take awhile for me to get back into linking. Meanwhile we had a fine time in the mountains, which are even more beautiful than ever. I must get back more often....
    This is Mabry Mill on the Blue Ridge Parkway in Virginia. It's my favorite section of my favorite road. We spent some time around Floyd and Meadows of Dan nearby. It was apple season. Wonderful. More photos.