Monday, October 07, 2002

Catching up on links:

I've only started going through what's been posted in the last two weeks on other sites, but some things worth noting now:
Al Tomkins noted a couple good sites for hurricane coverage, including the Hurricane story ideas page from NOAA, and CBS News disaster links, which he calls "the granddaddy of all disaster sites".
For fun, Al linked to the Cyber Cigarette Break, where you can have a smoke without leaving your desk.
Gary Price linked to lots of great media directories last week, including Gebbie Press Directory: includes listings worldwide for Newspapers, magazines, TV, radio, news syndicates and bureaus. The site's been around for awhile but has been updated. Also: Trade/Business magazine directory from American Business Media; 100000 Watts a radio and TV directory and news site, includes listings. More links to media directories in the US, Canada and the UK, from Gary.

Of course, one of the most interesting things to happen in last couple weeks is the new Google News. I'm a big fan of current news aggregators/search engines and think this may become one of my favorites....


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