Wednesday, October 23, 2002

More on Google cooking:
Remember the hint from a blogger that suggested putting ingredients into Google and seeing what recipes come up? Tara Calashain has written a little Google program that makes it easier, since it only searches known recipe collections. Try it at Cookin' with Google.

For even more cooking fun, Tara pointed to Cooks Muse recently, and it's a great idea. For cooks like me who use recipes just as a starting point, you can choose a type of food, say fish filets, and get lots of great hints on
different cooking methods and ingredients, without exact measurements/directions. Like: "FISH TACOS -- Fry pieces of scrod or any firm white fish fillets, dredged in seasoned flour. Fill prepared tacos with fish topped with a cabbage salsa: Grated cabbage, chopped tomatoes, minced jalapeno, minced onion, lime juice and olive oil." or "ORANGE SAUCE -- Sautéed onion, fish stock, dry white wine, orange slices, capers, black peppercorns and heavy cream or creme fraiche. Good over grilled or poached fillets."


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