Saturday, October 19, 2002

The weekly update:
There weren't a lot of new links showing up this week; coverage of the sniper and Iraq of course dominates all. I posted a few links for sniper coverage earlier and here they are again all together. (Best Iraq links remain at last week's post).
  • Sniper coverage from the New York Times
  • a new commemorative site.
  • sniper links page from the Snipercraft site...
  • The Washington Post coverage
  • Yahoo! Full Coverage has lots of news links, especially to local newspapers
  • BATF

    Interesting stories/Weblogs:
  • Poynter article on PDF newspaper editions online focuses on Akron Beacon Journal and its nice page design.
  • Medialog new weblog by Dan Kennedy in Boston Phoenix.

    And the useful links:
  • U.S. Highways info including historical on federal highways nationwide.
  • Tripnet: the road information program has data about road congestion, construction, etc.
  • Baseball Index a bibliographic index to the literature.
  • links to official sites of racing teams in many circuits (cars only).
  • El Sentinel the Sun-Sentinel's new spanish language project.
  • Web Sites to find statistics online nice links page.
  • Comprehensive sprawl study ranks metros: West Palm Beach comes in third in overall sprawl in nation. (Press release; actual study here.) From Smart Growth America.
  • The Virtual Trail political journalism on the Internet, a report from Pew Trusts.
  • Census of State and Local Law Enforcement Agencies, 2000 from Bureau of Justice Statistics.
  • Some changes in Find-a-grave site: besides finding graves of celebrities, you can now search for info on anyone's grave.
  • Baseball player salary database from USA Today.
  • ASNE trip to Cuba coverage from Poynter.
  • Miami-Dade County facts statistics from 2000 Census (including Census Tracts and other maps!)
  • Florida A-Z directory find anything you want to know from state government.
  • site highlights news reports on the state's problems. Compiled by state employees. Includes a link to, a satirical site, and a site on his brother called All Hat No Cattle.
    Business, Public Records, Tools: no links this week.


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