Saturday, October 12, 2002

The weekly update:
The update is bigger than usual because it includes resources from three weeks' worth of surfing. Back to normal next week. I'm repeating some things I've already posted here hoping some readers find it useful to get them all together:

Big stories happening this week, so here are some resources to help with them:

Everybody's marking the Cuba missile crisis 40th:
Cuban government (Granma/Cubaweb); Sky News; BBC; Yahoo! Full Coverage, Google news links to other stories. Ike Seamans (NBC6); Sun Sentinel

Sniper links:
I expect someone will build a good links package soon, but meanwhile a useful site may be this sniper links page from the Snipercraft site...
Of course The Washington Post coverage is a first stop....
Yahoo! Full Coverage has lots of news links, especially to local newspapers, but hasn't added many other links yet...
BATF (no specific info yet).

War on Iraq and Terrorism:
  • Iraq War Debate 2002 good links from U. Mich's Government Documents site.
  • Iraq links from Librarians' Index to the Internet.
  • War on Iraq: Resources from Eastern Carolina University library.
  • Afghanpedia
  • Iraq Watch links to news, analysis from Z Magazine, a pro-Iraq site.
  • Iraq Special Collection from Monterey Institute of International Studies.
  • Iraq's weapons of mass destruction programs new report from CIA.
  • Iraq's Weapons of Mass Destruction - The assessment
    of the British Government

    Interesting stories/Weblogs:
  • Anthrax: a year later 2-part series from Newsday.
  • News reader software can do your web surfing for you: article in San Jose Mercury.
  • Arts and Letters Daily is no more. It was a very nice news service. There are others by the same editors still available: Science, Business, and a Philosophy site which is quite similar to the lost site, links here....
  • The truth about "big brother" databases: article in Search Engine Watch on public records searching, includes links to other articles.

    And the useful links:
  • TV Acres facts about TV programs, including a searchable database.
  • InfoNatura: Birds and animals of Latin America.
  • links to spoken word sites.
  • Vegetable Information from the Vegetable Research and Information Center at UC.
  • NASA Earth Observatory: Natural hazards: satellite imagery of hurricanes, fires, floods, etc.
  • NTSB accident records now go back to 1962. This is press release.
  • Super Searchers' Web links from the books compiled by Information Today editors, favorite links of super searchers in many fields.
  • Voices from the archives from the BBC. Listen to interviews.
  • Sources of information on transportation; a bibliography compiled by members of SLA's transportation division.
  • American sheet music, 1920-1860 from Library of Congress.
  • Library of Congress Map collections 1500-2002
  • search for answers to questions on weather, climate, or email a NOAA researcher.
  • Coral Reef Information System from NOAA.
  • Wall St. Journal's Executive Library: very much like CEOExpress, a nice reference directory for executives. Has links to news sources, markets, buzz, lots more.
  • Country by country postal addressing guides from International Postal Union.
  • Special Issues: the List of Lists the compilation by Gary Price has moved to this new address and is being updated. This useful resource finds online lists in many different categories.
  • World Factbook 2002 now available.
  • CBC Archives news clips going back 60 years.
  • Colorado Springs Gazette: PDF newspaper another newspaper provides actual newspaper images using Olive's software. Subscription is free for now.
  • Vanderbilt updates the TV news archive this InfoToday article describes the database, accessible here (now requires registration). Also mentioned in the article: TV Archive resources links on TV news with focus on Sept. 11.
  • Online Newshour video search search for and view videos from the PBS news show.
  • Google News is now showing up in the new format, with top stories: links to best stories on the news.
  • Gebbie Press Directory includes listings worldwide for Newspapers, magazines, TV, radio, news syndicates and bureaus. The site's been around for awhile but has been updated.
  • Trade/Business magazine directory from American Business Media.
  • 100000 Watts a radio and TV directory and news site, includes listings.
  • More links to media directories in the US, Canada and the UK, from Gary Price.
  • Census UK 2001 press release with stats. London population.
  • Measuring up Higher Education state by state report cards for 2002. From National Center for Public Policy and Higher Education.
  • "The Older Foreign-Born Population in the United States: 2000" from Census.
  • USA Today: Census 2000 nicely designed site with data on states, nation.
  • Public School District search with updated data on districts from Natl Center for Education Stats, DoEd.
  • Americans and the World the public opinion website maintained by Program on International Policy Attitudes has new survey data on Americans' feelings on the Iraq situation.
  • American Lung Assn: SLATI (State Legislated Actions on Tobacco Issues) is "the only up-to-date guide to all tobacco control laws in the 50 states and the District of Columbia."
  • Political Moneyline (FECinfo, has updated their page to a new, cleaner format. Here's an interesting thing USA Today compiled to use this data with: List of Augusta National Golf Club members .
    Public Records
  • Section 527 Disclosure from Grantsmart, search for filings of political organizations (foundations not yet available). What is section 527?
  • New on Nexis: The Nationwide Directory of Medical Licenses contains medical license information (MDs and DOs) from all U.S. states. Also: Lexis-Nexis Municipal Codes publishes municipal codes for some areas that may not be covered by Municipal Code Service. In Florida, though, the Lexis Nexis codes only include Largo and Longboat Key.
  • Burke's Peerage and Gentry search is free but must register to get records, minimum $25 for 24 hours....
  • The 1891 England Census is now available at (subscription site).
  • Seat Guru find a better seat on major airlines.
  • Payphone project search a database of over 500,000 payphones worldwide.
  • Flight Route calculator from, this can calculate distance between two airports and estimate flight time.
  • Search Engine Showdown redesigned, with reviews of new search engines like Gigablast, and news in the search engine world.
  • "the online network of freedom of information advocates".
  • GlobalBeat: Resources for the Global Journalist from the Center for War, Peace and the news media at NYU. Icludes links to experts sources.
  • Corporate America in trouble: a Webliography from OCLC PAIS, Public Affairs Information Service.
    Florida: no links this week.


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