Saturday, October 12, 2002

Two more things:
Two weeks ago, riding around the back roads of Western North Carolina, I came across a wonderful radio station, playing real mountain music with other great bits of world music interspersed. WNCW, in Spindale NC has a web broadcast, been listening to it now for a couple hours. The mountain music show, Across the Mountain, runs from 11-6 on Saturdays. The music the rest of the week is great, too. (The photo? Mayberry Trading Post, Meadows of Dan VA. Nearby, the first Floyd World Music Festival was held two weeks ago, speaking of mountain/world music.)
I've clicked on links to Craig's Booknotes a couple of times this week, and he's had some remarkable comments/links. The Guardian article by Simon Tisdall, Voice of America, is worth a read.


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