Friday, November 07, 2008

New government Website for Obama

There's a new website for the president-elect: Lots of information here on the inauguration, the new administration, the agenda (or will be).

It includes a link to Presidential Transition Resources site, a directory of new position holders as they are named.

Should be very helpful.

(Updated:) Also see Sheila Lennon's posting on the new site.

This is a surprise, I think, considering that in the past I haven't found federal government websites to be particularly current; I must say there has been a big change in the last year or so and new websites have been coming online in response to current issues. (Example: another new site for information on veteran services, Warrior Care.) But: was this created by the Obama team and a totally new product, not a product of the current administration's web team?

It'll be interesting watching what the Obama administration does with the federal Web. I just hope there aren't lots and lots of URL changes, as happened when the Bush administration took it over. It wreaked havoc with intranet and web directories which all had to be tediously changed.



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