Sunday, November 02, 2008

Thoughts from the mountains on this election

Up the mountain road near us on the way to Hiwassee Dam, a sign at a small country church, saying something like this:
'Never fear change. Think how glorious fall is'.

Yet, in front of many of the houses nearby, little shacks with junk and dead cars in the yard and little insulation or even siding, lots and lots of McCain/Palin signs.


Then again, in the Asheville Citizen Times, a 103 year old woman voted for the first time in her life. She and her husband raised their children in a log cabin and she says she never voted because 'he took care of all that'.

Urged by a granddaughter, she got in an absentee ballot -- for McCain. 103-year-old woman becomes first time voter.

Speaking of those fall colors: Photos at Southern Highlands Cam.


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