Thursday, February 21, 2008


I don't think I've ever seen a news topic that attracts more, and more diverse, reactions than anything involving Cuba.

My post yesterday linking to a blog post 'blaming the messenger', the news media, is getting comments, including a couple long heartfelt ones. Since I mostly post links to things of interest to journalists, comments are rare here. I don't defend the quality of the news coverage, just note the reaction it created.

The BBC website devoted to the Cuba story had a 'Have your say' forum, now closed, that attracted over 3000 comments.

The Miami Herald's website had over 1000 comments yesterday. Today the Herald published a selection of the most interesting comments. There seem to be hundreds of comments posted to that.

This is a topic that people want to be heard about.



  • Liz,

    The reason we jump on the media is because Cubans recognize the castro regime's mastery of media manipulation. It began in Cuba during the 1950s and they continue to do it today internationally.

    Propaganda is probably the largest weapon in fidel's arsenal and the lies about healthcare and education and the embargo are his biggest bullets. The CNN memo was validation to us that the media is still unaware of how they have been manipulated or in some cases that they are in league with the regime. I tend to believe the former.

    I don't have contempt for journalism as a profession. What I want is the media to be MORE sophisticated not less. The regime takes advantage of the natural biases of journalists and the natural weaknesses of many journalists (lack of time due to deadlines, lack of original ideas and lack of investigative doggedness).

    By Blogger Henry Gomez, at 6:10 PM  

  • Liz,

    I'm sure you're busy taking notes on the tips that Henry Gomez is giving to you on your past profession. But when you get a chance, wander on over to babalu, hold your nose, roll up your pants legs and wade into that festering pond of hate and bigotry to check out what they're writing about you.

    You're lucky I suppose that they haven't called you a "lily white Americanita" but there is something Val said in Spanish that might be worth translating.

    Good job, Liz. As the Babalu Boys like to say themselves, when you draw a response, you've hit a nerve.


    By Blogger Rick, at 6:56 PM  

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