Thursday, February 14, 2008

Caught my eye:

Fortune, on the health foods distribution company you never heard of (I certainly haven't): Health foods' hidden powerbroker. The only other national natural foods distributor, according to this, is Tree of Life, which I used to buy from when I had a natural food store eons ago. But I never heard of this one before. Fascinating story of a back-of-a pickup truck hippy distributor from northern California who made good (but isn't that Danville, CT, they're located in, not Dayville? (Thanks for link from AshVegas. There are a few more good stories linked there, like the cellphone that crossed the country in a bag of potatoes. I hadn't been able to load AshVegas before high speed, but am enjoying it now.)

And, disappointing news from the political front: I was proud of John McCain for his anti-torture stand (but little else), and now, via Crooks and Liars, that's over too. (Lots more at Memeorandum.) And the various You Tube videos are pretty convincing, too, including the ones at LessJobsMoreWars.
Does torture matter?
(The anti McCain videos have been linked often in the last few days on Discourse Net. Today's is called "Sweetheart Deal".)

(Updated:) Food for thought, from Sara Robinson at Campaign for America's Future: Mythbusting Canadian Health Care -- Part I. How much of what you've heard is true?

(Even later:) Just can't resist posting Dotty Gaiter and John Brecher's annual column about Open That Bottle Night. The column is a couple weeks old, but the 'holiday' is coming up a week from Saturday. Any excuse to link to Dotty and John.


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