Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Since 2000, before I had this Blogger blog, I had Web space from my dialup Internet subscription, at InfiNet until it became part of Earthlink (where the address changed from to, and a second address). I created my first web pages during the Election 2000 disaster, and the links I posted there for the Florida recount circus became quickly popular.

But now that broadband has reached the remote, rural Donovan household, I'll be cancelling this account. I'm keeping my old Web pages, mostly links for journalists and my large blogroll, at the old address for a few more days, but am moving them to The home page address is

The public records links, probably the most popular, and the Southern Appalachian links from my photo blog, have been moved. The other subject links need to be updated but will be moved soon too.

Links in the blog sidebars have been changed to the new addresses. If you have any of my pages bookmarked, please note the changes.


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