Thursday, February 14, 2008

Links lists and blogrolls

Fons Tuinstra had an interesting post at E-media Tidbits the other day, Do Blogrolls Really Matter? To most people, I guess, they're an antiquated concept. When you can find everything you need on Google or Ask, why bother with links? If you get all your news in your RSS reader, why look at blogs? And when Facebook and MySpace keep you connected, you can always find what you're looking for. Oh, really?

It's something I've been thinking about since I've been in the process of editing/updating my blog lists and my links pages, as I move them to a new server. I don't know if many -- or any -- readers use them, but I find them invaluable for my own use. I hate using bookmarks and prefer to have a page to go to and keep open on a browser tab, so I can run through the links I'd like to check that day. My blog list is here; the blogroll on the right hand column of this page is links I check mostly every day.

Since I've never gotten into the RSS habit, as much as I've tried (and I do use a couple readers to check on a group of blogs or news sites I don't go to often), I really still like the habit of clicking from one blog to another from my page to see what's new. Seeing the blog is almost as important to me as reading the updates. I have found, however, since activating Google Desktop, that the news reader there alerts me to new postings that I find of interest, often.

And, as for the links pages, I use them all the time. I think a few readers use my public records links page, and possibly the quick reference page. Both have been moved to the new server; the public records page is updated (except for the Florida section) and I'm updating the reference page now. I keep a page of links about the area I live in now, including local institutions, nature guides, blogs, etc. as well.

(Updated, Bonus Link:) Over at Knox Views, R. Neal proposes an information value heirarchy for blogs.



  • Hi, you should take up the RSS-habit. I cannot live without Google Reader.


    By Blogger Fons Tuinstra, at 3:06 PM  

  • I use it, but just haven't gotten really hooked. I also use My Yahoo. I've tried several others over the years, can't even remember the names now. Amphetadesk was the first, I think.

    By Blogger liz, at 3:54 PM  

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