Thursday, February 21, 2008

Linking and news sites

It's taken years but the idea of news sites linking to other web pages was resisted by many for a long, long time. The belief that sending readers away was a bad thing stalled the creation of news site blogs and made the sites irrelevant.

The tide has turned, and turned quite awhile ago. But there's still a need for reminders why it's a good thing:

At Publishing 2.0: Reinventing Journalism On The Web: Links As News, Links As Reporting.
Also keep in mind when you think about links as news, links as reporting, and links as editorial product — on the web (thanks in no small part to Google, and its link-based algorithms): Links are influential. Links set the agenda. Links direct public attention. Links connect ideas and people.
Everything journalism has always aspired to do.

From Robert Niles, at Online Journalism Review: How, and where, to hyperlink within a news story.
Don't just rely on your content management system to make decisions for you. Decide how and where you will reward readers who want more information.

Good stuff.

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