Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Blogging discussion:
Dan Gillmor mentions an email from a journalist who says his newspaper is starting a 'blogging beat' and gets some interesting discussion. I like this comment, from Tom Johnson: "But I wonder if the BIG NEWSPAPER will understand that the process of linkage and blog infrastructure will ultimately be more important than the content?"
My perception of the value of blogs was cemented several years ago by a comment by Adam Curry that I quoted in a March 3, 2002 posting to my old blog: "But I like to think of blogging as just a fun -- and fast -- way to get personalized news out, whether to friends and family, or to a broader readership.
Two recent comments in this mode: MTV's Adam Curry, who considers his blog part of the "personal communications infrastructure among my family and friends", gives this mantra: "Links are the only true currency of the web"."

To me, any site or blog that takes me to new interesting things is something I'll go back to. Can't say that about some blogs, and I don't spend much time reading them.
(Oh, and I should have said 'Adam Curry, formerly of MTV'. Curry has since gone on to become the guru of Podcasting.)



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