Monday, May 09, 2005

For those of you who (like me) missed BlogNashville, the Discussion page links to photos, blog postings, and other links on the conference. Big story on the conference in the Sunday Chattanooga Times Free Press, so I guess the news of the conference got spread pretty thoroughly, at least in Tennessee.....Also, JD Lasica has a photo gallery. Most interesting thing about JD's comments about the conference is that he says he put a 4-minute video together on the plane ride from SF to Nashville. I'm impressed.

(Added later:) Dave Winer discusses his attempt to find common ground among the politically diverse bloggers at the conference, and notes from his session list several things he believes all bloggers should agree on. Number twelve:
    12. Support America and American values. Blogging gives First Amendment and Constitutional rights an excellent territory to be tested and strengthened, further solidifying one of the strongest democracies in the history of civilization. We can listen to each other if we want. As Americans, we play on the same team and we are a lot stronger if we work together.

(A later note on Winer's blog: apparently the political discourse was unpleasant there. He says, sarcastically: "We should return the favor and host an open blogging conference in a blue state, and import some of the south's most famous bloggers. Before the conference we should make sure that the most flamey left-wing bloggers are present...")

(And later:) Nashville editorial cartoonists Cox and Forkum had fun drawing the folks at BlogNashville....


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