Monday, May 02, 2005

Weekend update: Other things found this week:
This posting is late again after another weekend of not connecting. I've been frustrated with computer problems and slowness so walked away for awhile. First thing Monday, everything seems to be working better. Even Gmail is working again in Firefox after I completely cleared the history, and Blogger seems better too.

The links....

  • A Chronology of Significant Terrorism Events in 2004: if the State Dept. won't release it, Federation of American Scientists will do their PDF.
  • Houghton Mifflin Readers' Companions: guides to American history, women's history, civil war, military, ships indians.....great background stuff although not searchable. (Via Docuticker.)
    Governments, Politics:
  • History of Federal Judgeships: useful for background on latest appointments battles? From Federal Courts Center.
  • Al's Morning Meeting had lots of great links on oil supplies.
  • A9 Yellow Pages has added Miami to the cities with pictures of the businesses listed. Now about a dozen cities available.
  • GATT Digital Library: has "documents and information of and about the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT), an organization that promoted international commerce and the reduction of trade barriers among member states from 1947-1994."
  • CEO Compensation, 2005: latest report from Forbes.
  • Yahoo's My Web new, in Beta, this service will let you save and search Web pages. Good for research projects?
  • has several searches for phones, addresses. It searches already existing engines but puts all the searches on one page.
  • UN: Population of capital cities and cities of 100,000 and more inhabitants; latest stats on worldwide cities.
  • Prison and Jail Inmates, midterm 2004: latest report from BJS.
  • CIA World Factbook: 2005 edition now released.
  • Social Explorer takes Census data and puts it into interactive maps. (Via Derek Willis.)
    Public Records:
  • has online traffic accident reports from some jurisdictions (none in Florida).
  • Court Rules, forms and dockets: a great guide from LLRX to what courts have online for each state and federal court; doesn't seem to have complete list of available dockets in Florida, though.
  • I listed this one once before, but now Pretrieve says it has nationwide court access but that's only to courts that have Web searches. Nice thing about using Pretrieve: if you find a phone listing for the person it gives you handy links to property records, maps, satellite photos, census data, etc. (Link fixed: it's Pretrieve, not Petrieve.)
  • Legal Dockets Online: this is a subscription service said to have access to court dockets nationwide. Looks like you can use it without subscription, though, particularly for an easy way to find out what courts are online. (Via The Virtual Chase.)
  • Legal Dockets Blog has news of public records online.
  • Miami Dade Clerk now has a feature on the recording index image display that lets you click to download a document. This was one feature this service needed.
  • Contra Costa Times' editor's blog keeps readers up with what/why they're covering....
  • Yahoo! News has been redesigned. Check it out. One thing I like: an easy link to Full Coverage at top. Also: you can make your own source list.


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