Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Porter hits it on the head:
In Mood of the Newsroom. Tim Porter's tells us what's wrong in newsrooms today. Porter:
    The amount of anger and hostility, of distrust and suspicion, of inertia and ennui that pollutes the journalistic environment in these newsrooms at first surprised me. Now, when I first step into another newspaper I only wonder how long it will take to surface...

    The obdurance and avoidance endemic in newsrooms rests on a bedrock belief that the "problems" at their newspapers are best solved with more bodies or a return to a more "traditional" form of journalism.

Lots more in the comments and the followup post. With all the discussion of what's wrong with journalism and why the readers are leaving, this one will really make you think about how the culture in your newsroom is contributing.


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