Friday, April 15, 2005

New blogging/research tool:
News from Highbeam Research about a new service for bloggers: Highbeam blog enhancer lets registered members link to stories they've found in Highbeam's huge article database on their blog. There's also a Highbeam RSS tool. Full subscription to Highbeam is fee-based, but for unlimited access to millions of articles, it's a valuable and reasonable service for freelancers and others who need to do research. And this tool lets members share their research with others. (There is a free membership, too, but doesn't let you share fulltext, just article descriptions.) You can view the publication list here; but besides the journals and newspapers Highbeam makes it easy to include searches on the Web and from reference sources.
If you're a blogger who wants to try this, you can get access for free, according to a link on Highbeam's Chief Blogging Officer's blog.


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