Thursday, April 07, 2005

Useful takes on the news:
Too good to wait, some links on journalism, reporting and current news, including Global Health Reporting, a great new resource on international health issues from Kaiser.

Then there's the Blogrunner compilation called The Annotated Times which finds and organizes stories from the New York Times, and links to blog comments on the stories. You can even find comments by (NYT) author.

The Institute for Analytic Journalism has a blog with news from journalism academics Steve Doig, Steve Ross, Patrick Mattimore and Tom Johnson.

Get Religion is a blog discussing how journalists cover religion.

OJR interviews Matt Conigliaro, the attorney author of Abstract Appeal blog, which has done a great job covering the legal aspects of the Schiavo case.

And for fun, SPLOID, the new online tabloid from Nick Denton.


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