Monday, April 04, 2005

Back from AHJC:
Greetings to the journalists I met this weekend at the Assn of Health Care Journalists meeting in Chapel Hill. What a lovely town, so glad I finally got to see it. And worth it if just for the dinner (recommended by Doc Searls a few weeks ago) at Crook's Corner. Shrimp and grits and a huge bowl of delicious gumbo, yum! And something I'd never had before, biscuit pudding. Thanks to Anton, too, for reminding me to visit A Southern Season, the most amazing food/kitchen store I've ever seen.

Not always fast on my feet in these online discussions, here's a thought about a question I didn't have an answer for on Saturday: for a site that brings news of new research reports, can't beat Docuticker, from Gary Price and associates. For anyone interested in new research, a great link to bookmark, or even better, great RSS feed to have in your feed reader.
Some more resources for finding health research news: which has research news by topic and also has alerts you can set up to get news of a specific topic; Florida Expertnet, with contact info and news of research experts (do other states have this?); Research Matters, from Harvard; NGO Research Guides, from Duke U. library; and, something I haven't used but looks worth a try: Newswise bills itself as "a trusted resource for knowledge-based news, embargoed research results and expert contacts from the world's leading research institutions" (and it also has RSS feeds, including MedNews and LifeNews).


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