Saturday, April 09, 2005

April 10, 2005
Weekend update: Other things found this week:
This week compiles two weeks' worth of stuff but the week before last was sparse.
As the selection of a new Pope goes on, some links to resources: Vatican/Pope links from Religionlink; More Pope links from Poynter's Al Tomkins; Pope links from Poynter's David Shedden; BeliefNet.
Some interesting blogs: Dream of Italy blog has news about travel in Rome, closings, housing, etc.; The Pope Blog, We Want a Black Pope.

More links....

  • More new World Trade Center investigation reports from NIST.
  • Latest figures on economic effect of 9/11 attacks in 2001 from GAO.
  • Foreign Dissertations database, searchable, from Center for Research Libraries.
  • School Matters, a new database from Standard & Poor's, has lots of info on students' performance by state down to individual district/school.
  • Efficiency and Safety of Electronic Stun Devices, report from Potomac Institute.
    Governments, Politics:
  • Lobby Watch: from Center for Public Integrity, includes databases of organizations and spending.
  • 2005 Congressional Pig Book reveals waste in spending.
  • Marion Brechner Citizen Access Project UF's Brechner Center carries the Freedom of Information campaign to the people. Great summaries of laws in all 50 states, as well as access info.
  • WMD.Gov: just the URL is scary.
  • UN Economic Commission for Europe and North America databases: economic stats, including by country.
  • EVDB Events Database, still new (in Beta) so just a sample of its potential, but there are already 3 pages of Miami events.....
  • Factbites: a new search engine that finds just useful explanatory encyclopedia-type articles on a topic. Very nice. (Via InfoToday's Newslinks.)
  • World Wind from NASA, is a new satellite imaging database software that lets you 'fly' over terrain around the world. (Similar to FIU's Terrafly?). A World Wind Wiki has tips and samples of screenshots from users.
  • YaGoHooGle: interesting concept puts the two searches next to each other: like this one, for Miami Herald.
  • Current TV the new cable/satellite channel from Al Gore et al.
  • Outdoor Advertising: creative library, database of advertising images back to 1995, with link to a library of much older images at Duke library.
  • Hospital Compare: new service from HHS gives data on individual hospitals.
  • Lawyers and Settlements has a database of class action and personal injury suits.
  • is a new professionals search finding info on company execs from Websites, like Zoom Info.
  • Zaba Search: A free 'for now' people finder search engine that some claim is quite accurate.
    Public Records:
  • How to Conduct a Background Check, two part instruction sheet from Virtual Chase legal research newsletter.
  • Florida History & Heritage Collection from library at FSU, has lots of original historical documents, scanned and viewable in image format.

    Some Interesting stories/Weblogs:
  • Web browser forensics: interesting article in Security Focus on how they do it.
  • The 26th Parallel, a new blog from Miami.

  • Smithsonian Global Sound: downloadable music from the Folklife collection, 99c per song.


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