Friday, April 15, 2005

Researcher honored:
I'm very pleased to see that Tish Wells of Knight Ridder's Washington Bureau is sharing an investigative reporting award with the bureau's Jonathan Landay. Tish helped out on an important KR story about how most newspapers in the country used incorrect information from Iraqi defectors in reporting the situation in Iraq before the war.
So glad to see Tish get this award. It just shows how much a good researcher can do to help make a story. Tish explains:'s a classic example of the best times of a news librarian's job: I was given the Iraqi National Congress PR list by Jon Landay...used Lexis Nexis to pull the 108 listed stories -- then went back and pulled the stories that were cited within the articles. I sat down and marked the "relationships" that came up...

Just the sort of thing that anyone can do but few make the extra effort to make it happen. Congrats, Tish!


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