Monday, April 18, 2005

Enough! to political writing:
Blogger/photographer/writer Doug Thompson announces that he is closing down his Capitol Hill Blue Website. The site got a lot of attention last year when he reported that president GW Bush was acting erratically. I wrote about it on my Herald blog back then, and puzzled why the site was based in Floyd, Va, while the reporting all came from the DC area. Since then I've followed Thompson's move to the mountains around Floyd, the hometown where he's returned after a long career in journalism. In today's posting, Thompson writes:
    "I can’t stop what is happening to this country. Never could. So I refuse to be trampled by the stampede. I came home to rest, reflect, photograph the beauty of nature and write about what’s right with our land, not ponder on its self-destructive addictions. Others can march to a political drumbeat. I chose a different drum, one without party, without partisanship and without anger."


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