Monday, April 18, 2005

Weekend update: Other things found this week:
Again, wasn't near the computer much this weekend, although I did manage to post some pictures to the Highlandscam blog. Here are a few more interesting things that came up during the last week.

The links....

  • On this day... from BBC. More detail than most of these 'this day in history' sites.
  • Drugs of Abuse new guide from DEA, lots of detail.
    Governments, Politics:
  • Social Security: the opposition strikes back new report on organizations and their funding from Capital Eye (Center for Responsive Politics).
  • Want to monitor a court docket? This article in Virtual Chase tells you how.
  • Substance abuse legislation database covers all the states, from Natl Conference of State Legislatures.
  • Health Privacy Project has summaries of privacy laws by state.
  • Right Web is a site that identifies and profiles the cons and neocons behind America's public and foreign policy.
  • Best free software utilities for your computer: mice list from Tech Support Alert. (Thanks to Sheila Lennon for pointing this out.) FYI, if you use Firefox (the recommended browser here), here's a list of Firefox Extensions.
  • On RSS and feed readers: good article in BBC explains it all.
  • 2005 Baseball team valuations from Forbes.
  • Executive Paywatch: from AFL-CIO, highlights exorbitant compensation, with a searchable/browsable database.

    Some Interesting stories/Weblogs:
  • Patient Safety Web has news of safety issues, stats, etc, from US Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality.
  • Philly Inquirer special report on US military armor in Iraq.


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