Tuesday, November 23, 2004

On the topic of bloggers, politics and the media, lots are linking to Frank Rich's column from yesterday, Bono's New Casualty: 'Private Ryan' (registration required). A reader notes these quotes, which reflect the 'Mallard syndrome' (see post below) nicely:
    President Bush tried to turn the campaign, in part, into a referendum on Hollywood's lack of a "heart and soul." Now that he's won, administration apparatchiks have declared his victory a repudiation not just of Hollywood's dream factory but of the news industry's reality factory. "The biggest loser was the mainstream media," wrote Peggy Noonan in an online analysis for The Wall Street Journal after Election Day. She predicted that institutions like the networks, The New York Times and, presumably, the print edition of her own newspaper (editorial page excepted) were on their way to being rendered extinct by "the blogosphere and AM radio and the Internet" ­ in other words, by opinion writers like herself.
    In this diet of "news" championed by the right, there's no need for actual reporters who gather facts firsthand by leaving their laptops and broadcast booths behind and risking their lives to bear witness to what is actually happening on the ground in places like Falluja and Baghdad. The facts of current events can become as ideologically fungible as the scientific evidence supporting evolution. Whatever comforting version of events supports your politics is the "news."

Wow. So if Kevin Sites takes a video you don't like, ignore and/or attack him. He's obviously irrelevant.
Strange times in journalism these days.....


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