Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Commentary on Blogging:
Lots of it going around these days, but I found this column by ex-CBS newsman Eric Engberg to be a thoughtful look at how bloggers covered the election. He likens the process to high school journalism/CB radio, which seems closer to me than 'journalism' (nothing wrong with that!), and also discusses exit polls:
    Let me tell you a few things about "exit polls" as one who was there from the time they were invented and then watched them develop through the nine presidential campaigns I covered. Experienced journalists treat exit polls like hand grenades with the pin pulled; they are unstable and dangerous.
    ...When you the humble reporter are writing a story based on the polls you need one of these gurus standing over your shoulder interpreting what they mean or you almost certainly will screw it up. There is a word for this kind of teamwork and expertise. It’s called "journalism."

I sure would like to see this discussion continued, but wish people would stop expecting blogging to be journalism. Sure, there are journalist bloggers. But it's not their day job. They're trying to create a new kind if discussion. And so are we all. We need people like Engberg to remind us how different it is.


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