Saturday, October 30, 2004

Weekend update: Other things found this week:
Happy Halloween! It's pretty appropriate that this holiday comes just a couple days before the scariest election I've ever seen...Most of the links are under the political category this week, as appropriate. Much more has been posted to The Infomaniac WeBlog on

More links....

  • Halloween Resources compiled by Poynter's Dave Shedden.
  • Ocean Portal from Unesco, a great directory of marine resources.
  • Saturday Night Live transcripts back to '75.
  • Knowledgeplex: resources on homeownership, housing, and community development.
  • Crime in the U.S. 2003: FBI's Uniform Crime Reports.
  • DHS-Customs Enforcement TRAC study of how they're doing.
  • In Harm's Way: Hurricanes, Population Trends, and Environmental Change, report from Population Reference Bureau.
  • Also new on PRB's Website: Country Population Profiles, great source for quick facts on a country. Here's Bahamas. Also:
  • U.S. Datafinder: quick source for demographics and health data at state level.
  • The Beige Book Just released, lastest edition from Federal Reserve.
  • Immigrant Gains and Native Losses study says recent job growth has gone to immigrants mostly. From Center for Immigration Studies.
  • Worldwide Press Freedom Index from Reporters without Borders.
  • CCJ study finds journalists not satisfied with campaign coverage
  • Weathering the Storm: OJR on how handled hurricanes.
    Governments, Politics:
  • Countdown to Election Day from American Press Institute: helpful files and coverage suggestions.
  • South Now: The Program on Southern Politics, Media and Public Life at UNC-Chapel Hill, directed by former N&O reporter (and J-prof) Ferrel Guillory; includes South Now Blog covers politics around the Southeast, including Florida. (via Daniel Ricker).
  • PolicyBot: from the Heartland Institute, a database of studies/reports from think tanks; by topic or search.
  • Team owners' campaign contributions: report by USA Today.
  • Fact Sheet: The Hispanic Electorate in Florida from Pew Hispanic Center.
  • Smokefree ordinances: find what cities have smokefree laws.

    Some Interesting stories/Weblogs
  • An Imperfect Equilibrium: blog by Chris Feola, AskSam CIO and former journalist.
  • Reportage: a blog by a writer/photojournalist in India.
  • Blogging the layoffs, by a Dallas Morning News employee. This is fascinating.


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