Monday, October 04, 2004

Weekend update: Other things found this week:
Sorry the update didn't get done over the weekend, but I was busy...

More links....

Reference :
  • Avibase, the world bird database.
  • The World's Healthiest Foods nice profiles of lots of different foods, and lots of background info.
  • How volcanos work, just in case.
  • Mount St. Helens observations
  • Flu Shot database: find where and when to get them anywhere. Also, lots more flu info from American Lung Assn.
  • Herbal Safety: a guide to herbal medicines from UT.
  • WikiQuote is an outgrowth of Wikipedia, a collaborative collection.
  • Clusty, new search engine from Vivisimo. This looks really good, also has News and Images searches as well as shopping, encyclopedia, and gossip.
  • this attempts to link journalists and experts who blog. How it works. From J-prof Andrew Cline.
  • Bush's military records online at USA Today.
  • Letter from Baghdad depressing story of life under the gun from a Wall St. Journal correspondent.
  • Meet Ayad Allawi: Ken Layne on the background.
  • Studs Terkel's Conversations with America audio now archived by Chicago Historical Society.
  • Population by Race and Hispanic or Latino Origin for the United States: 1990 and 2000: new Census analysis.
  • CIA World Factbook has been updated with 2003 figures.
  • North American Transportation Statistics database: stats on transportation between Canada-US-Mexico.
  • 2004 Report Card on American Education has rankings by state.
  • The economic downturn and changes in health insurance coverage, 2000-2003": report from Kaiser Family Foundation.
  • White Evangelical Protestants by state: report from Annenberg Public Policy Center shows they are 23% of Florida voters. In Tennessee it's 51%.
  • Every Four Years Journalism: essay by Jay Rosen.
    Governments, Politics:
  • Religion and the campaign: analysis from
  • This is getting emailed a lot: E.L.Doctorow on "The Unfeeling President" in the Easthampton Star.
  • Michael Moore on the Bush 'flip flops'.
  • Outsourcing the Pentagon: Center for Public Integrity report on civilian contractors.
  • There's a new Florida Politics blog, which seems to have hijacked the old one. Lots of interesting comments....Some of the story here.
    Business, News, Public Records: no links this week.

    Some Interesting stories/Weblogs
  • Art News blog.
  • George Soros is starting a blog.
  • BlogSlot: Bill Walsh's blog.
  • Sports Designer Blog
  • Doug Clifton gives up blogging in E&P; it's been obvious since June.
  • What She Said has a list of female progressive bloggers.
  • A list of Spanish speaking bloggers blogging in English, from Jose Luis Orijuela. (There's also a blogroll here of lots of Spanish blogs.) One here that looks good: Latino Pundit.
  • "Rathergate" is now a website and/or blog.


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