Saturday, October 09, 2004

Weekend update: Other things found this week:
The Herald blog is moving. Knight Ridder is getting seriously into blogging and is putting blogs on Blogspot. I've resisted moving for awhile because I like having the blog on, where it's searchable (at least for 7 days), but as the KR blogs are growing and getting better, it's time.
The new Infomaniac WeBlog is at, and will be linked from and other KR sites. The advantages include: easier quicker blogging, permanent permalinks, comments (if I can activate them), no registration to read the blog, and best of all: RSS Webfeed.
This Behind the News blog, however, is staying exactly where it is and will remain a blog for news researchers and journalists (and anyone else who wants links to research resources).

This week, it seems, many of the links have come from Resourceshelf and Docuticker. Thanks again to Gary Price and his team of librarians, who help keep all of us informed.

More links....

Reference :
  • America's creative brain drain: a new report from Richard Florida.
  • Voters' Guide to Affordable Health Insurance
  • Breast Cancer and the environment: a connection? from the Breast Cancer Fund.
  • 2005 Fuel Economy Guide from EPA.
  • The latest report on Iraq's WMD, from CIA. (Also: search the report, via Clusty.)
  • Children of Immigrant Familes, a study from Packard Foundation.
  • NOAA U.S. winter outlook.
  • HOV Facilities Inventory from DoT. Find where HOV lanes exist or are planned.
  • National Fire Department Database from FEMA.
  • What if Roe Fell?, a state-by-state study from Center for Reproductive Rights.
  • A Counterintelligence Reader: history from Federation of American Scientists.
  • Feedster TV: get Webfeeds just from electronic media. Includes Podcasting information.
  • ZIPdecode: designed by an MIT student, enter a ZIP and it shows up on the map. (Hold Shift and backspace to replace the number.)
  • Multimap has added a dual political map/aerial photo function (just move cursor over this section of London to see how it works). Via Metafilter.
  • Civil War Soldiers & Sailors: The National Park Service has completed the database of everyone who fought in the Civil War.soners (just Andersonville and Fort McHenry, so far).
  • State of the World's Cities, 2004-5 from UN Human Settlements Programme.
  • Worker Health Chartbook, 2004 from OSHA.
  • CAR in Canada: a new Computer-Assisted Reporting Website. Includes a lot of downloadable Canadian government databases.
    Governments, Politics:
  • Dereliction 2004: covering the campaign coverage from Cursor.
  • Debate Phrase Tracker: a blogger wrote script to count phrases in the transcripts.
  • States at Risk and Failed States: Report from Carnegie Endownment.
  • Search Debate audio, from C-Span.
  • Nexis is counting what words journalists search in the presidential campaign.
  • A journalist's guide to covering Florida voting from Poynter.
    Business, News, Public Records: no links this week.

    Some Interesting stories/Weblogs
  • Ann Louise Bardach talks to E. Howard Hunt in Slate.
  • Political Jihad and the American Blog by Jay Rosen.
  • Spring Broke: Website for a book of amazing photos of spring break in Florida.
  • 30 days, 2,368 attacks. Amazing graphic on Iraq insurgent attacks in the NYT.

  • Aid to Artisans includes profiles of artisans around the world, including several in Haiti. There's also a book on Haitian artists.
  • BLM's Historical Photographs: photos go back a century and document America's westward migration.
  • Former Herald director of photography Maggie Steber has a photo spread in Natl Geographic on American Indians.


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