Tuesday, October 26, 2004

New, useful, or fun:

  • NewsGator the RSS (Webfeed) reader which works in Outlook, now has a Web version for free.
  • Home Town Locator: get detailed info about any location in the U.S.
  • J-Lab has links to innovative journalism projects.
  • Brooklyn Daily Eagle Online: search the entire paper covering 1841-1902. From the Brooklyn Public Library.
  • A Journalist's Guide to Florida Voting from Poynter. Cool concept, but it doesn't work for me (on dialup). Does it for you?

  • Manolo Shoe Blog: not Blahnik (see disclaimer at bottom) but who cares? This is pretty entertaining, although I suspect it's just a very sneaky new way to sell shoes....This is getting linked everywhere.

  • Requiem for a Dreamer: Kurt Vonnegut's last interview with Kilgore Trout.

    More on the Herald blog.

  • John Peel died of a heart attack on a trip to Peru. He was the ultimate disk jockey, bringing great music to British radio listeners for years. (Even to listeners in Texas for a few years in the early 60s...) BBC tributes.


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