Saturday, October 16, 2004

Weekend update: Other things found this week:
Lots of this week's links found their way to The Herald blog this week, so this list shorter than usual. Now that you don't have to register to read it, and it loads much faster than the old Herald blog, I don't need to duplicate here.

More links....

  • Flu vaccine shortage infor from CDC.
  • Tennessee Encyclopedia of History & Culture: Slowly the states get these online. I know of Georgia, Texas, NC, now Tenn. Where's Florida?
  • The Foliage Network: see what's changing where.
  • New at The Center for Public Integrity: Abu Ghraib supplementary documents showing it's even worse than reported earlier; and Anatomy of a Marketing Blitz, explaining why you can't choose what cable/satellite channels to subscribe to.
  • Terrorism Knowledge Base: giant database of terrorism information.
  • Biologia Centrali-America huge collection of books/documents on ecology of Central America, put online in digital image format by Smithsonian.
  • Google Desktop Search: download to search your own files (including Web pages you've looked at) using Google.
  • One Look Reverse Dictionary.
  • The Bill O'Reilly phone-sex/sexual harassment lawsuit, online at Smoking Gun.
  • Unemployed without Federal benefits: a record number.
  • Fishing for Trouble: mercury pollution in U.S. waterways from PIRG.
  • World Development Report 2005 from the World Bank.
  • APME survey on blogs and newspaper readers.
    Governments, Politics:
  • The Civil Rights Record of the GW Bush administration, report from Commission on Civil Rights.
  • State elections laws and administration issues, a guide from NASS.
  • New York Times Photo Archive, searchable.
    Florida, Business, Public Records: no links this week.


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