Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Why, Indeed?
Wonderful comment by Christopher Lydon in The Blogging of the President on Farnaz Fassihi's letter to friends on the situation in Baghdad for journalists. Lydon says:
    "Isn't the Farnaz Fassihi story a perfect little parable of the "transformation" we've been talking about for a year now."

He says the email was sent to a New York Times editor, who, instead of publishing it on the op-ed page, forwarded it to his personal email list. ..."but in the corrupted Orwellian journalism of our time, power and truth did not make it "fit to print" in our most important paper."
Yes. Of all the things that belong on an op-ed page.....
More wonderful things on the blog include a comment about how women have much more influence on the Net than people think, as they tend to be the emailers and listserv supporters, spreading the stories that need to be spread. An 'underground' information service.
And, don't miss the 1960s anti-draft poster. I remember that one....
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