Monday, November 22, 2004

Weighing in on bloggers and journalists:
A strange series of panels has been running in the 'Mallard Fillmore' comic strip for the past week. If it's not in your local paper (in the one I read these days, it's on the editorial page, next to Doonesbury...), check it out. The King Features Syndicate wants a subscription to see archives but they are available on the Seattle Post-Intelligencer site: Check out, for example, the one from Nov. 20, where Mallard says,
    "Look, Mainstream Media Person, 'Blogs' and talk radio have gotten so big because the traditional media have gotten so out-of-touch "

Interesting that even the funny papers are getting into this discussion...

Sites responds:
Kevin Sites writes about the mosque shooting and how it happened. More on the other blog.


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