Sunday, November 21, 2004

I've finally made some changes on the Behind the News news research and blog directory. I added some new blogs, deleted some that are no longer being updated; and moved Florida blogs into their own category. Now that I'm set up to edit again, I'll be updating the research links and personal pages soon.

(I tried posting this earlier today but had a Blogger failure. Hope this gets posted before it happens again....)
Interesting that on the Miami Herald site this morning, the ads on the page were all for Stun Guns. Since The Herald's been writing about the kids tasered by cops recently, appropriate? But particularly puzzling since there was no story on's front page on the topic at the time. Oh, those Google ads....

Also on The Herald this morning, the continuing series by Debbie Cenziper and Jason Grotto on Florida felons' civil rights. Today's story: Violent felons the most likely to get their rights restored.


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