Saturday, November 20, 2004

Weekend update: Other things found this week:
Nice to not have any politics links for once: although there's still plenty out there. I've been linking some of the voting questions, etc. on the Herald blog.

I'm still working on getting ready to reorganize the Website: the research links (linked at left under Behind the News) are still mostly good but I have lots of blogs to add to the list. I want to totally change the personal pages, though, since my life situation has changed. No more Miami photos (although I'll keep a changing archive there), and Appalachian mountain photos are being posted on my HighlandsCam photoblog. That's three blogs to take care of, plus the Website, plus contributing occasionally to NewsLibLog. Seems like I'm working more now than when I was working full time.

More links....

  • Stars and Stripes, 1918-1919: part of the Library of Congress' newly announced project to put hundreds of American newspapers online in digital searchable format from microfilm, this database lets you search or browse pages from the paper.
  • Facts for Thanksgiving coverage from Census.
  • Countryside Alliance: organization fighting the foxhunting ban in the UK.
  • Best Cities for Job Growth, report from Milken Institute, lists Ft. Myers area as best in country, along with several other Florida cites (but Miami is 77th).
  • School Breakfast Report Card 2004, report from Food Research and Action Center on how states serve low-income children.
  • Human Rights Watch has a report about felons being denied public housing; and other reports, including one on Jamaican discrimination against people with HIV/AIDS, and stories of Guantanamo detainees.
  • Defeating the Jihadists: a Blueprint, report from The Century Foundation.
  • find all govt recalls in one place.
  • Capital Punishment, 2003: latest stats from DoJ; shows death sentences decreasing (except of women).
  • Vehicle Theft stats, 2001-2003 from NICB. Shows Miami's rank has dropped from 2 to 8.
  • New in Nexis: Herald News of Passaic County, NJ.
  • Times Online (Times of London) no longer charges to read stories. It's free, again!
  • Real Names: this search engine went bust a few years back but now the founder has managed to purchase the URL and get it back online. Search for a word in a URL or domain name and get list of websites. Handy for browsing: searching 'miami' in keyword field gets 590 hits...(277 with 'herald' in domain name)...
  • Google Scholar: search for scholarly data, reports, etc. This search won't be available from main Google interface.
  • Keyhole: recently purchased by Google, this is an animated aerial mapping system (sort of like FIU's TerraFly?) Costs $29.95 but there's a week free trial. There are some sample videos available, like CNN's Hurricane Charley and Fallujah coverage.
  • America's biggest private companies, 2004, from Forbes.
  • Sports Business Links: great list of resources on this hard-to-find topic (team valuations, attendence figures, salaries, etc.) from an economics prof, including lots of databases he's created.
    Some Interesting stories/Weblogs
  • Chief Blogging Officer a blog highlighting useful articles on HighBeam.


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