Monday, November 15, 2004

Weekend update: Other things found this week:
A late 'weekend' update, being it's Monday morning. At any rate, some really fascinating new reference sources out last week, along with interesting new tools.

More links....

  • British History Online has free searchable databases covering medieval to early modern history. Search post office directories, proceedings of the House of Lords, office-holders lists, lots more.
  • Afrocaribbean religions: a guide from
  • Google Cheat Sheet: quick tips for using Google search strategies.
  • Terroir-France: French wine guide.
  • FirstGov for Consumers: Health good resources from U.S. govt.
  • Historical Statistics of the U.S., part 1, part 2: PDF of entire book released for the Bicentennial, covers 1790 to 1970. From Census.
  • State Health Rankings 2004 from United Health Foundation.
  • Law Enforcement Officers Killed or Assaulted, 2003, new report from FBI.
  • The Human Cost of Tobacco, report from British Medical Assn.
  • Prisoners in 2003, new stats from DoJ.
  • 10 x 10: a very cool visual summary of the day's top news by pictures.
  • DVIDS: get stories, video and photos from Iraq, Kuwait and Afghanistan; from the U.S. Army. Also:
    Governments, Politics:
  • World Corruption Perception Index, 2004 from Transparency International.
  • C-Span Campaign Finance Database: search candidates and donors by name or ZIP code, or get top fundraisers by category. Updated monthly.
  • Firefox 1.0 is out. Mozilla's browser has lots of useful features: Search from the address bar; set up to access email or RSS feeds; stop popups (unless you want them) plus scamware and intrusions. Stable, fast, and best of all: tabbed browsing so you can have several pages open at once with only one browser window. You may still need to keep Explorer for some things: I still can't reply or forward messages in Outlook Web (Microsoft wants me to use Explorer); and haven't yet tested Factiva (which didn't work in the old version). I had occasional shutdowns with v. 0.91; don't know yet if that's been fixed.
  • Microsoft Search: beta of the new search set to compete with Google....
  • Blog Search Engine
  • Fan Cost Index from Team Marketing Report. Says Patriots are most expensive show, Dolphins below average. Going to see the Heat, though, although not as high as the Lakers, costs more than most NBA teams.
  • Florida Bird Songs: audio collected by a UF ornithologist.
  • Florida News, a new blog from Tallahassee.

    Some Interesting stories/Weblogs
  • Media Bloggers Association just launched.
  • Wall Street Journal's new EconBlog starts out with a debate on Social Security.
  • Londonist: in the tradition of New York's Gothamist, here's what they're talking about in London...
  • Gadling a blog about 'engaged' travel.
  • I 'R' Us. a pro-tax blog.


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