Wednesday, October 04, 2006

...and more

Lots of fallout on the Miami Herald story, for any readers who don't read Romenesko where the links are prominent today, here's what's happening now:

In the Miami Herald, story of the argument over a Carl Hiaasen column that led publisher Jesus Diaz to decide to resign two weeks ago. And, a profile of the new publisher, David Landsberg, in which he encounters unhappy newsroom staffs in both newspapers.

Also: Carl Hiaasen tells NPR he would have resigned if they cut his column about the El Nuevo Herald reporters.

Also in The Herald: why the two Miami newspapers' newsrooms have such different philosophies.

(Added later:) Note Pulp's take on the Herald story and his insistence that editor Tom Fiedler should resign, along with comments....I expect there's much more on this on other Miami-area blogs....'Stuck', for example, who likes Fiedler's 'chihuahua' quote.


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