Sunday, August 27, 2006

Weekend update: More research links from the week

Some interesting new things this week that make old resources more easily available, always a welcome trend.

The links:

  • Kentuckiana Digital Library, includes lots of old newspaper pages, maps, texts, oral histories.
  • Patterns of Global Terrorism, the Department of State reports in book format, with large sections downloadable from the publisher, including terrorist group lists and chronologies.

  • U.S. Statistical Abstract, from Census, has moved to a new address and new format. No longer just PDF pages, now has quick data links and category browsing. Now most files are available in Excel spreadsheet format, and there's a link to the free Excel browser for those who don't have the program. For those who still prefer the PDFs, they're available under the Print Version tab. There are also links to previous editions, going back to 1878! as well as the great Historical Statistics of the United States book.

  • Institute for Rural Journalism at U. of Kentucky. Includes a Rural Blog, with some very interesting news worth covering.

  • BEOnline, internet resources from the Library of Congress' Business Reference Service. Lots of great tools linked here, like the Time Zone Converters list.
  • Bureau van Dijk Free Directory: search for companies by name, Id, or type/location/size; searches the ORBIS database, quick info for free. Full reports for registered users. 18 million companies included worldwide.
  • EDGAR Fulltext search, new from SEC, search for a name or other info within company filings, so far only includes last two years.
  • Understanding Today's Crude Oil and Product Markets, from the Heartland Institute.

  • Dissect Medicine, a new health news source, quick links to latest research and lots of news by categories.
  • Newsdirectory, a simple guide to finding news sources worldwide from newspapers to TV stations. Less cluttered than some of the other similar sites. From Tucows. (I'm sure I've linked this before but worth another look.)

    Public Records:
  • Open Doors, SPJ's guide to finding government records.

    Some interesting stories/blogs:
  • Web Owls: a neat blog for researchers. "How to search, how to research - tips and techniques, tales from the trenches, and wonderful discoveries. Contains 20% whimsy." by several researchers including some who research for Google Answers.
  • Rising Tide New Orleans, site for the upcoming conference.


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