Wednesday, August 23, 2006

One year after

The Institute for Southern Studies' Gulf Coast Reconstruction Watch has released its one-year report on the recovery from Hurricane Katrina: One Year After, in a 100-page PDF. From the Institute's Facing South blog:
Despite important signs of progress, the study finds that recovery remains stalled on the key issues that will shape the Gulf Coast’s future

including housing, schools, contracting scandals and the environment.

From another Facing South post:

Percent of Louisiana mortgages past due as of July 2006: 20
Percent of Mississippi mortgages past due: 13
National average for percent of past-due mortgages: 4
Average rent for a one-bedroom New Orleans apartment before Katrina: $578
Average rent for a one-bedroom New Orleans apartment as of July 2006: $803
Occupancy rate of livable apartments in New Orleans: 99 percent
Number of mobile homes ordered for the Gulf Coast: 7,737
Number of smaller travel trailers : 105,927
Number of storm-affected households holding Federal Emergency Management Agency hotel vouchers: 39
Number of storm-affected households approved for housing assistance: 946,597
Minimum percent of New Orleans public housing that is still closed: 80
Number of homes the Army Corps of Engineers has demolished in Louisiana since Katrina: 1,105
Minimum number of New Orleans public housing units scheduled for demolition: 5,000
Months after Katrina that federal money for housing reconstruction was approved: 10
Total federal funds dispersed so far to rebuild homes: $0

Docuticker has been posting links to lots more Katrina reporting for the anniversary. including:

And many more over the last few weeks.


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