Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Alternative views

Here's a heartfelt column from the Sun-Sentinel's Ralph de la Cruz: Voice of Cuban-Americans should speak with humility. Via The Daily Pulp's Bob Norman, who says: "Ralph De La Cruz impressed the hell out of me this weekend. Check out this courageous little column."

Doc Searls, who takes beautiful photos from airplane windows, hears that at least one airline is now banning the practice. Says Doc,
It's bad enough that they tell us window-sitters to close our window shades to help less privileged passengers enjoy blurry, sanitized, stale movies on bad monitors with bad sound.

Hear, hear. The view is the only good thing about flying these days. Doc also links to others with collections of window-seat photos.

Emdashes: The New Yorker, between the lines; a blog full of fascinating insights into the magazine. Includes a monthly feature: Ask the New Yorker Librarians, full of fun trivia about the magazine and its writers.


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