Sunday, August 20, 2006

Weekend update: More research links from the week

A short list this week, so not separated by categories.

On a personal note, I mentioned losing the hearing in one ear a couple weeks ago so want to update that: It was three weeks ago I realized my right ear was not working. When cleaning didn't work and the PA at the doctors' office didn't find any physical signs, I went to the local ear, nose, throat surgeon, who determined I'd had an inner ear infection (there was a blister on the eardrum), and the aural nerve was blocked by inflammation. Two weeks of prednisone brought it back, lucky because it doesn't always work, she says. The hearing is again pretty much normal, except for high tone loss in both ears, expected at my age, I guess, at least for anyone exposed to loud noises over a lifetime.
I blame the Derek and the Dominos concert at DC's Constitution Hall, 1973 or so. I was in the 8th row and only a few yards from Eric Clapton. Unfortunately I was off to the side right in front of a giant speaker. I knew I was hurting my ears that night. Of course, there were also several Who concerts. Cream. Dylan and the Band, Grateful Dead, Stones. And those are just the loudest ones. But I was never as close as that night I heard Clapton sing 'Layla'.
A lesson for you younger folks: protect your ears. I have constant ringing now, which is a sign of that high hearing loss. I use earplugs when on a motorcyle or exposed to other loud sounds, and even wear them at the computer because the CPU fan bothers me.

  • WebAnatomy: Online Anatomy & Physiology Resources, a directory.
  • Resources for Writers at George Mason University Writing Center.
  • Govmine a new search engine for government resources from Convera. Ranks on relevance.
  • New stats on home sales from Natl Assn of Realtors.
  • Stats on IBM compatible PC sales fro the 25th anniversary, from Computer Industry Almanac.
  • UN Commodity Trade Statistics Database
  • Iraq PipeLine Watch: Attacks on Iraqi pipelines, oil installations, and oil personnel since 2003.
  • New American Community Survey from Census.
  • Coming Soon: a new Chicago Manual of Style online.
  • IT vs. Terror: how data mining might be used, in CIO magazine.
  • DoxPop: Indiana county records online.
  • U.S. Government Manual 2006


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