Wednesday, August 23, 2006

River of News

Lots of excitement about Dave Winer's latest project, which takes news feeds from news sources and blogs and turns it into the simplest possible extraction of the headline and ledes. Winer calls it 'River of News', and it's meant to be read easily on a mobile device like a phone, blackberry, or PDA. There's a New York Times River and a BBC River, and rivers for several tech blogs; by request, there's a new one, too, for Buzz Machine.

Even if you don't have a device to read it on, this format seems to be the simplest possible way to get the news fast; nothing on the page but links to stories, as they come in. Doc Searls says
Big hat tip to Dave Winer making the future happen. Again.

and has a photo of how it looks on a Treo, and a link to another photo of the 'river' on a Blackberry.


  • Some work in early development...

    A "river" for FL political blogs:


    an aggregator for FL political blogs:

    By Blogger spacecoastweb, at 5:01 PM  

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